An insight into traditional Islamic visual Art through the eyes of Andalusia’s Muslim heritage

After an introduction into the concepts and abstract forms of expression developed in the traditional Islamic visual arts, we will reach out towards the theories behind Contemporary Art. The Andalusian artist Hashim Cabrera will teach this course in the idyllic surroundings of Dar as Salam in Córdoba, Spain.

Three days of seminars, debates and artistic workshops were you’ll be able to absorb the artist’s magnificent reflections, product of his artistic career and lifelong vital analysis and researchings.

A tour through the Andalusian legacy of Cordoba is included visiting the historical city of Medinat az-Zahra and the great Mosque of Cordoba.

This course will address the following subjects and complete them with workshops involving diverse techniques such as drawing, painting, collages and geometric compositions with wooden modules, amongst others.

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